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Monday, March 02, 2009


Mark Simmons

Thanks for bringing [new] great food to Noe. Looking forward to stopping in for some good food and wine.

Alex Deve

This is Alex from the TypePad team. Thanks for your great website! Don't hesitate to reach to us if we can help you with anything!

Dave Jones

Congratulations! on a wonderful restaurant.

Leon Mills

Can we have an update on how things are going?

san franciso motels boy

Good luck, today, Brett and Elan, u are all great ! finger cross !

fioricet online

Congratulation and best of luck to you.

Alex Botero-Lowry

Hey, looking forward to trying out your place when I get the chance. Do you have, or plan to get mojama? I absolutely adore the stuff, but have never been able to find it except once in Portland, and it was a whole piece that they would not slice for me, so It just wasn't as enjoyable cut as thin as I could with a knife, as it would have been cut on a new slicer. :)


It surprise me a lot that the menu of your restaurant is written in catalan,all the dishes seems to me very genuine, congratulations for your bistro!.

Progress lighting

good luck with the restuarant. I hope all goes well.


forget the sardines... what about smelt?

healthy kitchen

Congratulations!!! How those it do so far? Best of luck!!!


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interesting topic of the article ! great job

nancy javier

just found your blog and i'm really jealous. I have a blog all about avocados and only get 1 or 2 comments. You have a blog about sardines and get this many. wow. how do you do it?

Processed foods

Is it a new menu with sardines?.. I would love to hear more updates soon. Goodluck to your new menu.

Amy B.

Congratulations! I hope you can share some tips and easy-to-cook recipes to us Foodista readers.

More power to your restaurant! :-)

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nice work Brett!


A friend and I had a lovely meal with you this past Friday. Your food was just superb! We're both looking forward to a return visit.


You're killing us at the bookstore, how can we resist that fragrant, tantalizing, smoky aroma? Mmmmm...

appliance part

I have relished next your advancement with Contigo. Congratulations on your thriving opening! How exciting!!!

I am looking ahead to dining and consuming there tomorrow night with my kin, the wine guru. Should be fun.
Hope to glimpse you there!

your cooking network

Looks interesting! Will definitely have to come by to visit next time we're out there.


Congratulations Brett!!!!

Cant wait to come and try on my next visit to the US!

nuvali restaurants

I've checked out your link and the food there looks good. I hope to read more of your recipes.



Congrats on the recognition, Brett! Keep on doing what you do.


You deserve it! Kudos to you!

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