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Monday, March 02, 2009


Amy @ Tasty Top

Congrats on getting all that press! All the best!


I'm going to San Fran in two weeks, i'll try and stop by.

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I've been following this blog for a little whilte now. Congrats on the successful opening, can't wait to try when I'm up north!.

Neilesh Patel (Recruiter focused on Food Manufacturing Jobs)

Hey, I noticed your blog, liked some of these posts! Would you mind if we republished some of these articles in our newsletter or on our own site? It’s mainly a site for industry professionals in food/beverage, but I think a lot of them simply love every part of the world and would enjoy reading your blog. Let me know? I’ve linked to our site so you can see it.



I hope I can have the balls to one day do what you have done. We're looking forward to trying out your place soon...

Mr. Cooking Grill

Well i am very much foody and i always like to make new dishes.This cookbook is really help me to make new dishes.thanks for sharing such a great Article.


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

Elva@ Gluten free

Every time whenever I got a chance to pay my visit to your blog, I feel OMG, this is amazing. Thanks for making my day :)


I have been giving you a little bit of press on work foodie newsgroup too.

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Such type of blog is good for young generation.

Wordpress Developer

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful page with us.


Congrats guys...........All the very best

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Congratulations on a success for week. awesome!!!!!

auravie reviews

just come back from a trip away and visited. Great food and had a great laugh. Thanks agin.



18 hours days are a killer, no wonder we have been waiting a short time for an update. We love you really.


Been to your restaurant loads of times. I am in the area 2 times a year for the festive's.


Congrats for the blog, we are very surprissed about it. we are from Malaga, here the Sardinas are a typical food!
Best wishes for the blog!

Findia Group

Thanks for sharing!


Looks great


Come and track you made my cooking ability was raised to a new level. My children were very interested in what I do dishes.

Jully Pham @ Du Lich


Has the restaurant been that successful?

Let's Fly Travel Nha Trang

nice work Brett!

Abi Travel

Always inspiring, primarily with your fantastic images, but also with your text. By the way, appreciate the menu which you`ve shared recently.

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