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Monday, March 02, 2009


Chez US

I have to say being a Noe Valley residents we are really excited that you have finally opened! We are trying to get a reservation now .... ;)

Anita / Married with dinner

We had such a blast on Saturday -- thank yi (and Elan) for including us! Everything was delicious, but Cameron's dreaming about the remojon salad with the salt cod. Me, I can't wait to come back soon and try all the stuff we didn't have room for the first time, but it will be hard not to order all the tasty things we loved the first time around.

Here are our pix from Saturday: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marriedwithdinner/sets/72157614203503359/


I'm not sure how you guys pulled it off on the first night, but not only was the food amazing, but the space the warmth, the energy, the people... all incredible.

We are so unbelievably thrilled for you, and can not WAIT to come back!

Lisa Walker

go get 'em!

Hope to see you this weekend!


Congratulations on a successful weekend Brett. The menu sounds great.


Congratulations Brett! I'm so happy for you


When I came in a few weeks ago looking for a job I told you my favorite Spanish dish is espinacas y garbanzos. Can't believe you stole my idea! lol

Menu and pics look great.


I wish you the best today! Enjoy the service and make sure you get enough rest tonight...then on to day two...! I hope I can have the balls to one day do what you have done. You definitely have a place with some real appeal, and I'm sure thay'll keep coming back.

owen kotler

Brett, having had many great meals in Barcelona (cal pep, cal isidre,etc....) and a stunning meal at El Cairat in 2003, I am very much looking forward to dining at Contigo! Will be flying out from NY next weekend. All the best on your opening tonight!!! and we look forward to seeing you next Friday or Saturday night!


Good luck, today, Brett and Elan. I am rooting for your success.
Thank you so much for everything you gave to your friends at the weekend.
Derrick & I have been giving you a little bit of press on work foodie newsgroup too.


Wishing you guys so well today for your official opening! This is so exciting...enjoy all those accolades, and I can't wait to add my voice to the chorus!


Good luck today! If Friday was any sign of what's to come, Contigo will be a huge success. Looking forward to my 2nd meal this Friday!


Hi Brett. A couple of weeks ago I came over your blog, and I have read it from the first to the last post, and really loved it. I'm Spanish, half Catalan, and having been brought up by a catalan grandmother and really good cook, I must say that you are the first non-spanish food blogger who has managed to describe properly the catalan and spanish food. I wish you all the best with "Contigo" and I shall visit it on my next trip to San Francisco. ¡¡Petonets!!


Hi Brett & Elan,

Congrats on a wonderful restaurant! I cant believe the day is finally here. We had a delicious dinner last night. It's so great to have an exciting restaurant in Noe!



Can't wait to come for a visit next time we're in SF!!


I have been following ur blog for a while, and am so excited for you. Wish u all the very best, and can't wait to try out the amazing sounding menu!


I cannot wait to come and try the food!

Paula Maack

Hi Brett,

I have enjoyed following your progress with Contigo. Congratulations on your successful opening! How exciting!!!

I am looking forward to dining and drinking there tomorrow evening with my cousin, the wine guru. Should be fun.
Hope to see you there!


~ Paula


The scent that wafts across Castro street in the evenings now is just unbearable! You're killing us at the bookstore, how can we resist that fragrant, tantalizing, smoky aroma? Mmmmm...


Make that five (5) email newsletters. ZagatBuzz picked you up today. Congrats! (http://tinyurl.com/zagatbuzz)

Welcome to the neighborhood! We're looking forward to trying out your place soon...

Marielle Macville

Congratulations Brett! Wow this was a long time coming.

Lisa Miller

A friend and I had a lovely meal with you this past Friday. Your food was just superb! We're both looking forward to a return visit.

Words and Steel

I've been following this blog for a little whilte now. Congrats on the successful opening, can't wait to try when I'm up north!


You are being sung about in Gourmet, yey! Isn't it a great feeling when you do what you love and it succeeds?

Leon Mills

I can only assume we haven't had a new post recently because you are doing 18 hour days at the restaurant????

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