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Thursday, February 19, 2009



It *is* beautiful! Congratulations!


Wow! Such a beautiful sign. The 'c' looks like a hug. It's perfect.


I have deja vu from something I designed for work earlier this week. The similarities are uncanny. This can only be a good sign. We share good taste!


oooh exciting! It looks fabulous!


A beauty: inviting as all get-out!


Congrats!! Every step closer to opening is so very exciting to watch.

Chaitanya Reddy

This looks great, the green is so vibrant !! Congratulations :)

sue bette

Beautiful sign - it looks like everything is pulling together!! Best wishes for a smooth opening!


I'm sending you positive vibes from over here on the east coast... good luck with your opening! It's been a blast watching and learning all about this process, thank you for sharing everything with your readers.

Casual Kitchen


Love it Brett.


Felicidades! Congratulations!!
I wish you and your team the best.

Love, love the name. Contigo.


congratulations brett! i can't wait to eat there next time im in sf!


congratulations. i love your blog.

one small suggestion -- update your webpage to reflect your opening date?


I walked by this morning - it is beautiful! congratulations! I cant wait to see the inside soon..

Laura [What I Like]

I adore the wood...and that sign is so wonderfully chic!

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