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Monday, December 15, 2008



This is what I want to win. I've been following your restaurant-building tweets!


totally going to bid! even if i lose, i am so coming to eat there! not that i don't love a potluck...


What an awesome prize -- can't wait to check out that table, even if I'm not a winner. And can't wait to check out the real, live restaurant! Bated breath...bated breath...


Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get to eat in your restaurant!


Correction: I'll get to eat your food in your restaurant. :)


You got my first MFH donations. SO excited! Like the others though... even if I don't win you'll see my mug at that table.

World Food Program USA

It's times like these that I wish we weren't on the East Coast... guess I'll just have to be jealous of the winner.

How did you first get involved in Menu for Hope? I'm compiling the thoughts of various Menu for Hope participants for a blog entry on the Friends of the World Food Program blog! Please email any ideas to blog[at]friendsofwfp.org.

Thanks for supporting WFP!


Thank you, on behalf of the children who will receive this gift. Merry Christmas to you, and a happy 2009.


I just have to say that this is a wonderfully generous gift...I wish I lived in SF so I could bid on it, (well in case I won...lol...)
Did bid on many other offerings as David Lebovitz's Ice Cream Machine and Ice Cream book.

Your resto looks amazing and your food is
what I adore and love to eat...will be in Berkeley with my partner in the Spring and will definitaley make a reservation at your beautiful resto.

send food philippines

Time's tell,but honestly speaking the Menu of Hope sounds interesting. Keep up the good work.


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