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Monday, December 08, 2008


Anita / Married ...with Dinner

Wow, what a mouth-watering slideshow that was, Brett! And what a touching gift to Barbara.


This is a lovely, post Brett...


Brett, I know this is for Barbara, but it was also for me such a great gift! Thank you! I so miss Barcelona!


Thank you so much Brett, I know Barbara will just adore these images, just as I have... ahh I'm so hungry!.. Thank you for sharing.


How nice!
I think this is an icky day for Barbara, but when she's feeling better, she will swoon over your story, as I did.

Jen Yu

This is a great hug for Barbara. I'm sure it will take her back. Such vivid flavors and sights!


That was a wonderful tour of your favorite places in Spain and what a wonderful gift to your dear friend. I know little of Catalan, but your post was so informative but very engaging and enchanting.

When I was going though the same treatment as your friend, many kind friends sent me gifts of frequent images of my home in Paris. It lifted my spirits in untold ways, as I hope this did for your friend.

I wish you much good luck on your new resto and have told all my SF and Berkeley friends to make a resevation as soon as you open.

You are a wonderful person to do this for your friend and I hope this made her troubles less for a small bit...bisous


Brett, this is a great hug, and the best thing is that we can all enjoy your trip to Spain! Than You!


Brett - wow such memories for you and Elan and it bought back many for me. We didn't always have some of the more sophisticated food in the tiny northern villages but we enjoyed it just as much as some of the sophisticated meals we found in the bigger cities we walked through like Pamplona, Burgos, Leon, and Santiago.

Thank you for this special virtual hug. I really do love it and I know I'll be back over and over to enjoy the slide show. Hugs back at you and a special welcome hug to Elan. If I could get travel insurance I'd be there for the first night of Contigo.

Chez Us

Very touching hug for Barbara and lovely food to share - who doesn't love spain!!!!!

When is Contigo opening? Walk by daily ...hoping!!

In Lechon Philippine

Those pics makes me hungry.
Thanks for blogging about this. Wish I saw this post earlier.

Arrielle Green


So glad to see your photos and hear of the trip. I'd noticed your posts on egullet asking for recommendations when I was looking for the same for a Tgiving week trip, so it's fun to hear where you ended up. Our favorites in Barcelona were Inopia (those patatas bravas) and Tapac 24 - the most amazing fried eggplant w/ honey and lime zest dish. We splurged on lunch at Celler Can Roca in Girona which was incredible, and also had a fun night at Rafa's in Roses where we were the only customers in the place...got to chat with him and his wife about the experience of being on the PBS Spain on the Road Again show (sounds like much more of a production than it appeared on the final edit)!


Inopia, Tapaç 24, and Rafa's are all favorites of mine as well. I haven't seen the Rafa episode yet on Batali's show, but will be sure to check it out. Yes, Inopia's are my new benchmark patatas bravas. I can still taste them in my mind. ¡Que rico!


Hey, Brett. You may remember me from my recommendations of Goliard and Can Beltrán at eGullet. Glad to see you back in Barcelona!

Sadly I have to report Can Beltran is no more, it closed more than a year ago. I just created a facebook group in their memory, called "Les Nenes". Would love to see you there.

And congrats on your new restaurant!. If I ever go back to San Francisco I'll love to go. And maybe next time you come to Barcelona you wouldn't mind getting some more insider advice, would you? Although it is hard to beat La Boqueria and Rafa's...

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