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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Contractors love doing things backwards, don't they? I came home from work once and found clouds of steam billowing from my toilet: they'd reversed the hot & cold water lines...duh!

Just remember this will all be a thing of the past...at some point : )


I may have killed someone by now, were I you.

Much respect for your patience and good nature.


In our previous house, the faucet taps were installed backwards. In this house, the outlets are installed upside down. These homes are literally across the country from each other (NY and CA).

I feel for you.

Keep up the great attitude and best wishes for an opening soon.


when I was 19 years old I got some tyres changed on my first car. The "pros" put the bolts back on back-to-front. I was really lucky because a pedestrian yelled at me that my tyre was about to fall off just before I went around a huge roundabout with several passengers in the car.

Your future customers will continue to wait patiently. As they say about Guinness, good things come to those who wait.


Yikes. I think this, though, must mean it's just like theatre: bad dress rehearsal=amazing performance. Can't wait to actually get to try out the new place -- the space looks amazing!


I feel for you! This is what I do for my job (construction PM/Owner's Rep), and some times it gets a bit tiresome - "That's wrong, fix it." "That spec is the old one, change it." "That won't allow ceiling height we want - change it." It's a full time thing to keep construction going straight, indeed. You've just got to roll with it - it will all get done eventually, and if it's any consolation the space looks GREAT! I can't wait to be there for the opening.


Did you do something reaaaaaaaly bad in a past life?


I can't help but think of my parents' new apartment in India and the challenges my dad faced with all the craziness.... from never ever leveling the floors (they are all crooked, which means that all the cabinets, counters, sinks, and anything else attached to the floor is crooked) to refusing to level the toilet, so you pee leaning to the right to the blue bags hanging from the trees (inside joke).

One day, you will be open, with everything in proper working order... and a room full of guests shouting with joy and the delights their eyes, nose, and mouth are experiencing!


The real reason the restaurant is delayed is that I'm spending too much time watching the puppy cam.

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