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Sunday, July 27, 2008


We Are Never Full

i can see you are as Spain-obsessed as me and my husband are. I was thinking the same thing as you when I read that a Spaniard won the Tour de France. GO SPAIN! Ain't no stopping them this year. I just wish I lived there to help celebrate w/ them.


Seur needs to pull the ad it has running of the Spanish basketball team NOW. Spain is constantly hurting its own image worldwide. In their own language, Spain has already been marginalized. The rest of the developed world recognizes Spanish as belonging to the Hispanic illegal, uneducated migrants running over the border to steal people's jobs and give them diseases. Which is a terrible and incorrect way to think of any group of people, actually, but that is nonetheless the general perception. So when Spain shows its own ugly face, in the minds of the international community it's only adding to the negative perception everybody already has about all Spanish-speakers. As the child of first generation immigrants from Spain, I am consistently mortified by Spain's absolute ly idiotic behavior, and would love to disassociate myself from that country if possible. Spain can't tell the difference between individual Asian features, and jokes that everyone is a slanty-eyed dragon. Well, the rest of the world can't tell the difference between Spaniards and Mexicans--Spain is only confirming that regardless of ethnicity or location, all Spanish-speakers are uneducated, estupido, sucio y pobre. Seur needs to pull that disgraceful ad now, before they get worse publicity and lose all their business and Spain falls even further in the world view. Everyone who loves Spain and Spanish culture should start protesting Seur as a company.

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