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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Jennifer Jeffrey

Oh, Brett - this sounds truly harrowing. I hope you're not losing any sleep over all of the twists and turns...Hang in there!


I was thinking, "1400 s.f. and no bar stools?! Are there going to be enough seats?!"

Then, I caught a glimpse into the backyard--which will probably be packed all the time!


Oh no! At least they caught the mistake and undid the damage pretty quickly. When the new Tria opened in August we spent three months bemoaning the shoddy construction -- they were in a hurry to open, so they didn't spend enough time making sure the molding was properly sealed, the bar was sturdy (it later cracked in two places and pulled away from the food counter), etc. Oy. I hope your patience is holding out through everything, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.


Just breathe and think of how amazing those Heath tiles will look with your baby, I mean oven.


Is there anything in the world more depressing than jackhammering freshly-laid concrete? man...

fingers crossed on the other 'bittersweet' issue, whatever it is.

chris brandow

what are you thinking in terms of hours for the restaurant. will you be open for lunch?


Always hold the builder to plans & specs. Anything can be fixed - it's just a question of time and money, and a GC mistake is one for the GC to fix.. Glad they were so responsible to make it happen so quickly.


we used the same architect for our home. douglas blew quite a few of the details . . . .

shuna fish lydon

This is an amazing set of words. Good for you for staying even, and then relaying it to us all. Crazy.

I imagine you're not getting any sleep, but I hope that when you are, you are dreaming of something else besides concrete and ice machines.

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