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Monday, December 03, 2007



Interesting... I just did a quick trademark search and nothing really stands out. Sweatshirts? Glucose monitors? Tell 'em to pound sand. :)

Or if it's something else... that's the way it goes. :(


I think I was trying to leave a comment as you were removing the post. For a moment I thought I'd been blocked. After all this you may be denied the name? How sad.


I think you should call it "Castro Computer Service". It has a certain familiarity...


Sorry, just trying to make you laugh. This has got to be as painful for you as it is for us to watch.

Jackie B

Personally, I'm glad you didn't consult with Francis Ford Coppola. Yes, the Director. His recent, brilliant restaurant name, "The Unnamed Cafe at Francis Ford Coppola Presents Rosso & Bianco", may have set a new standard as the Worst Restaurant and Winery Name Ever.

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