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Saturday, December 01, 2007



Who knew that the latest dark horse would be my favorite? I can't wait until Monday at 4!!


me too. Ampersand.

(I think I may even like it better than Open.)


The artist formerly known as &.

Too trendy in my opinion.


Still loving Ampersand.

Cameron confessed last night that he loathes Olallie, but never mentioned it because he knew I was a supporter. :)


Oh man. Totally love ampersand. Fantastic. WAAAAAY better than Olallie. Easier to spell, easier to remember, easier to understand the metaphor.




The thing I like about Ampersand is that it has an automatic graphic. Spell the name on the business card and restaurant signage with the image half tone in the background... But I still like Emerson too.

Dan Lyke

So, I voted for Olallie, but I realized something that's going to make that recommendation a little harder to accept: It's not my restaurant. It's a name that would intrigue me about the restaurant and make me want to go to the restaurant, but I also don't get into the city all that often, and don't even eat out that much any more.

I'll definitely make a few treks down there no matter wha the places is called because the blog intrigues me enough to want to experience your artistry, but at this point we're down to what you want the place to be, not what I want the place to be.

So "&" sounds like trendy hip place that'll have a five year run, you get your profits out in two and let someone else manage it into the ground. It'll be really good for most of that lifespan, but the real artistry and innovation will happen fast, and you'll move on to something else.

"Contigo" sounds like a place where, once I've gone once, I know what to expect.

"Olallie" sounds like I'm best off putting myself in the hands of my server, saying "I kinda like this sort of thing, do your best". The menu will be dictated by the ingredients and the whims of the chef, those cooking will be putting their own spin on things rather than just being recent CCA graduates following recipes. It won't be a place where I could ever say "my usual", it'd be a place where I'd have to say "surprise me".

That last one is what I want to go to, but I freely admit that I may not be a market sample, and I can't get in your head, so I don't know what you want to do.

But no matter what you call it I'll come eat at your place a few times, even if it means driving into the city.


No one can blame you for a Cute Overload break! It's like crack!


I suspect Contigo was the alluded-to name you'd been flirting with a ways back. Despite my previously expressed reservations regarding focus on an Iberian connection, I loved it upon first sight, and have since. It even passed the telephone test! Then yesterday I revisited that game, using a 2,3,5-years-from-now version. Meh. Nothing wrong with her, really; the infatuation is simply gone. (Hence my suspicion... you perhaps experiencing a similar cycle, but wanting external feedback.)

There's much to like, love, about 'the restaurant formerly conceived as Olallie'. After sitting on this poll all day, I ended up voting for it, though I am still uncertain as to whether it passed my "if I were passing by, would I stop to investigate?" test. I mean, elements of preconceived notions, instinct, curiosity and memorability playing around here: if I'm on 24th in the heart of Noe Valley and hungry, will that "name" I caught out of the corner of my eye the other day have stuck and entice me to walk those last couple of lonely blocks?

- Contigo: doubtful
- Olallie: yes
- Ampersand: probably
- Plan BE: yes

Yeah okay, I threw that last one in because I remain enamoured by it (though am not sure if that particular variation ever came up). Easily passes the 5-year telephone test for me; love its myriad levels... playfulness, personal connections, slightly less cerebral nature than &. Right, 'nuff said.

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