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Friday, November 30, 2007



How about Ampersollie? Olallersand?


My first reaction was "no way, that's too weird!" And, then reading further I was intrigued by the idea of a simple symbol on a business card, on your window, on your menu... it is delightful! I think it's become a front-runner for me.

Besos de Sal and Contigo are still huge favorites of mine.


Much as I would love to claim the idea as my own, you found it yerself. I just walked through the frame without knowing I was carrying something sparkly that would catch your eye.

I do adore Ampersand in a way that I find hard to articulate rationally. It has a good vibe, fabulous logo possibilities, and that oh-so-critical alphabetical advantage.

And hey, you'll have a perfect signature cocktail lined up. :D


I hope you will value this comment, because it's the first one I've left.



I hate to be the crotchety standout, but I don't like it. One should not name a restaurant after grammatical or printset marks. I can't get close to either tilde or ampersand. I would probably also say no to comma, umlaut, or hyphen.


Print a nice big one on a card. Take it somewhere where you target demographic hangs out. See how many know what it's called and can spell it. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think you'd get 100% recognition - might even be pretty pitiful. Unless you're expecting a pretty old, highly literate demographic.


Oh, I love it, but it's a writerly thing. I think after this barrage of words, it's a wonderful refuge.



Just to clarify, cause some of the other commenters have me worried: Are you meaning to use just the symbol alone as the name, with no letters spelling it out?

Everyone in my office knew what Ampersand meant when I said it, but I think if you just use "&" as the name, people will call it "and".

I love it as a logo and a general design element, but I think the name would need to be "Ampersand" not "&".

catherine ross

I don't like ampersand. Too gimicky.

I love Contigo! Here's why: it's warm and heartfelt, upfront and straightforward, captures connection with a Spanish flavor while suggesting intimacy, covers all kinds of relationships. Conveys a cozy sense of "us". Has no sense of affect or "trying to be something". Also, easy to pronounce and, frankly, poetic.


To clarify, the name I'm considering is "ampersand." The & sign would play a strong role in the restaurant's graphic identity system were I to choose this name.


Hmmm. Suits your restaurant/blog writing endeavors. Definitely gimmicky and maybe a bit heavy handed. But then maybe that's a good thing, marketing-wise.

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