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Thursday, November 29, 2007



I'm a fan of the one-word name, not multiple words. I think contigo conveys most of the meanings that you want and is really unique. "Welcome to contigo" definitely flows well!


I *hate* contigo. LOVE del barri

contigo just evokes thoughts of a bad mariachi romance song to me.


In my experience, the vibe you're looking for has always been generated by the vibe in the kitchen and in management. The name may have some alchemical input, but it will be transcended, for better or worse, by the kitchen vibe - Above All - and secondly by the management.


As a Spanish speaker and someone who has been to Barcelona, I think names like luna caliente and contigo don't push it far enough around here. So many people know Spanish... I prefer your Catalan suggestions and applaud you for thinking you can go further. You can.


where's the "none of the above" option?
where's ollalie?
why can't I vote for "la nueva ola" ?


Eddie and kendrallis, it's true that to most San Franciscans many Spanish words evoke images of Mexico and Latin America more than Spain. Obviously I'm not happy to learn that there is a mariachi song titled Contigo, so I'm glad that you pointed it out. I would prefer to go with a Catalan word or, as I said in my post, an English word that evokes Barcelona and the conviviality of my favorite restaurants there.


Sam, Olallie is not included in this poll as it is already a finalist!

My intention for these polls is to find out which of these particular Spanish and Catalan names appeal to IPOS readers. I didn't add "none of the above" as an option, because I was concerned that the Olallie supporters would all vote for that option. I'll go ahead and add it.

"La nueva ola" means "the new wave." I don't think that term best reflects my style of cooking.


I can't decide between the two. Contigo... I just love the associations. And really what's so bad about a Mariachi song with the same name? As a Mission dweller I love the strolling Mariachi bands. I miss them when I'm not home. And Olallie... seasonal, fun to say, rolling off the tongue.

Too difficult to choose.


I've added 2 new options to the list: bocarte and Bretxa.


Oh come on people make it exciting "mam i teca". There's something about these one word statements you know? Incanto, okay INCANTO! Like it's in stone being called out from the sky (need to get the "head to tail" some day). The list is endless Boca, Ava, Coi, Delfina, Medicine etc.

Maybe it seems crude when you think of the translation at first but it's like, "I came to this place near the ocean to relax and get some booze and grub and it just happened to be the tastiest booze and grub I've ever had in my life!"

Furthermore, other than being in another tongue the meaning is clear yet emotionally potent. It's not crude because of the foreign tongue but it's also not this continued reliance on esoteric metaphor. Think shabby chic comfort.

Finally, I also like luna caliente. It's not a one word statement either. It may be a metaphor but it's tied to a poem. The "caliente" in the name reminds me of the fire in the kitchen.

Feel free to disagree - they're all great names to me.


I really dislike contigo. I like the idea of it, but not the sound, the melody. Barri is lovely -- just what I was trying to suggest in my very first comment (guess it wasn't in my catalan dictionary :) )


anita, you mentioned narri as meaning neighborhood in one of your comments. Since there's no such word as narri, I'm guessing your finger slipped and you hit the n when you meant to hit the b key. If I were to go with barri, I would give you credit.

I hear you on contigo. I'm not crazy about the melody either. That's what prompted this post. I think the melody (as perceived by an American ear) is so important when choosing a word from a language other than English.


So many polls, I can't even remember what I voted two seconds ago.

That said, I [heart] Luna Caliente despite its non-Catalan origin. Pablo Neruda. Good. *sigh*


Why not simply "Ola"? Too close to Olallie?

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