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Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Your friend's tip about practising answering the phone is such a good test! I can see how constant repetition might change the way one feels about a name.

By the way, I'm still laughing over the whole foc i fum/punk ass bitch thing. :-) You must have seen that the foc i fum domain name already belongs to a performance group in Ibiza.

jen maiser

hmmmm ... i wonder what i voted for? ;)


I love Ollalie, regardless of the fact I knowingly say it wrong each time. I like the name "O-la-lee".


I *LOVE* tilde.

That said, I did vote "yes" in the first poll, before I saw the others.

I hope you'll forgive my candor: As a woman, I can't help but feel that Biquini is a terrible name for a restaurant. It's an adorable story, but no female in her right mind wants to think about a two-piece bathing suit when they're eating.


Ok Brett.

YOU SHOULD stick to ollalie. It is a longtime survivor. It deserves to be the name. It's like walking in circles. Yo always get to the begining.


You had it right the first time , Brett. No name since Olallie has inspired so much affection. It's got it all. Lyrical, fun, has a strong sense of terroir, implies seasonality yet permanence, and it will allow for culinary expression/ evolution. Easy to logo. It's also a fruit which grows in clusters. As to your concern that it has no connection to Spain-Isn't the Olallieberry one third Raspberry which spread through Europe via Spain, Italy and Turkey? Sorry if I'm being too technical here ....


It's worth noting that Swoon and Emerson show up as established restaurants on Google, whereas the other names aren't claimed yet...


Ollalie just rolls. I'd love to be able to say "I'm going to Ollalie tonight"....


I love Contigo and Tilde, but especially Contigo. It makes me think of how you are sharing your food with "us" and how I'm sharing my evening with "you."

And, my namesake above is very on the money about women not wanting to imagine themselves in a 2-piece while eating... anything at anytime. Unless you have peyote on the menu.


To both Anitas, you'll be happy to note that I came to my senses and deleted "biquini" from the polls about an hour ago. Turns out I just had a hankering for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, so I made one for lunch.

Hankering. There's a weird word. Might make a good name for a restaurant... Do you see why I need to end this process soon?


LOL, Brett. Isn't it lovely when problems can be solved by making lunch?


Tilde is rather cold not to mention trendy (schwa, coi, alinea).

muse radio (not yer channel?)

Si bueno


I'm sure you could barter lunch or dinner for a tarot, palm, astrology, etc. reading...

Oh, and I have to say that even though they were my suggestions, I still like the sound of leaf (nature and a bigger table) and catalunya.

but of the choices above, Emerson is the best.

Have you thought about Emerson's Eatery? Or is that too casual...


Frankly, I like Corcovado, but then everyone would be expecting Brasilian or Portuguese food. If Spain is your thing (and as a committed Spanish food freak I salute you!) then I'd go with Tilde. Frankly I am astonished it has not been taken.

Tilde has another benefit: A built-in logo and aesthetic device for your decor.

Ollalie is definitely more fun, but no one will have any idea what your doing just by the name. With eight trillion restaurants to choose from in SF, people often make dining decisions based off a name in a heartbeat. If they hear "Oh, let's go to Tilde!" They'll immediately know what they're getting into. If they hear, "oh, let's go to Ollalie!" It could be anything...

Either way, I wish you luck! (I found your site because I happen to be a former sardine fisherman who is on an eternal quest to find fresh sardines. I feel like Diogenes.)



I still prefer my suggestion Vida. I realised after I sent it, Melbourne has an excellent Spanish restauarant called Movida.

I'm not sure how to pronounce Tilde.


I can get behind "Contigo" or "Tilde," but I really, really don't like "Swoon." It makes me think of fainting heroines in romance novels.


I really like the spanish ones. Some recommendations; mi casa (my house), (I know you've expressed concern about calling it just your place) therefore I've thought back up options; nuestra casa, our house. (mi, nuestra, su) cocina, kitchen is a favorite of mine too. And if not any of those, contigo is great. Good luck!


I'm pretty sure we'll just be calling it "our dining room."

And none of us is really all that surprised at your potential for evil, Bret. :-)


Hank wrote: "If they hear 'Oh, let's go to Tilde!' They'll immediately know what they're getting into."

When I hear "tilde" I think of UNIX and computer programming, i.e., geeky things. I imagine that many in the computer industry have the same thought.

So perhaps that name could be a crossover hit...

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