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Wednesday, October 31, 2007



I have been one of those quiet lurkers for some time...
Love your approach to food and to life...
Your love of all things Barcelona, Catalan and Spanish..
Your philosophy of food, location and freshness
I wait with baited breath the opening of your restaurant...
Your approach to food has so much fun, so much joy and a sense of humour without ever being pretentious or filled with the self-importance of some foodies...
The whole name game is loads of fun and wanted to throw a couple of names into the ring for your consideration...


Castropoda??? No,no,no,no,no... please! definitely NO.




I might go for Gastropod...I'm not icked out by snails...but Castropoda is a little too cutesy word mash-up for me.

jen maiser

i don't think this is you ...


Sounds like a disease - not appetizing


Ditto on the Castropod version. Three syllables is melodic, four is a stretch. I garden, and I still like snails. Do you know the story of Buddha and the snails? I like this name a lot!


With all due respect and affection, this sounds like one of those ideas that is intellectually sound but just doesn't deliver in an emotional sense. It's not warm or inviting or evocative of anything that makes me want to go there and eat. It's a cold feeling word--perhaps a little slimy even, from the snail connotation. It doesn't have that sense of life and warmth and pleasure that I think of when I think of you and your restaurant. It's clever, but not enticing.



But I don't like it for two reasons.
1) People will think you are in the Castro
2) Waaayyyy too much kitsch, which I don't think you're going for


Fun! I used to do consulting that involved naming companies, sites, products... actually was paid for it:). I love naming things!

My two cents: no. People might not make the connections, many that there are. It sounds a bit on the scientific side; is that what you want to portray as your cooking style?

Also, and this might be a stretch, but come your basic consumer, potentially not understanding the slow food theme, etc., and lets pretend the service was SLOW or the food came out to SLOW, do you want a snail as your icon? (OF course I would never say anything like that:), just OTHER patrons:))).

Just a thought...

I love visiting San Fran and look forward to your new restaurant!


I'm thoroughly amused by the huge negative reaction on this one. No worries. There are more names coming. I thought we'd start slow, like a snail. Your feedback is fantastic and very helpful.

Who knows, maybe there will be an afternoon and evening wave of support for Gastropod, etc.? I know that will make Judith happy.

Ken H

Sorry, but I can't get behind this one. Sounds like a cross between an illness and an insect.


Hello. I've been lurking here for a few weeks, and I couldn't resist putting my $0.02 into the discussion. I have to second the opinions of some of the posters above. "Castropoda" is intellectually sound, but not inviting, and has one too many syllables. "Castropod" is better, but I keep thinking that it's a typo every time I read it.

My snail-themed suggestion, just because I can't resist: S Car Go. (You know what the logo would be.)

In all seriousness, though, would "Little Fish" be a feasible name? Sardines are little fish, and it seems appropriate for a friendly neighborhood bistro.

Dan Lyke

I'm against it. Sounds like something you'd run into in a Victorian era Science book, too much of the snail association, and the "Castro" tie-in, which I didn't get 'til I clicked through from the RSS, makes it feel too... well... the Castro has kind of become a parody of itself.


I've been a lurker for a while - really love your blog. I am from San Francisco, but live in Sevilla now, so I can definitely relate to your love of Spain and Spanish cuisine.

I have to vote no on this one. It's too cold, and I doubt more than 5% of your patrons would figure out the connection.

I haven't come up with anything brilliant yet, but I'm working on it :)

By the way, I am glad to hear that you are moving forward with the restaurant!


Please...no. Puns are bad. Bad. And it just sounds icky. You are so warm - find something that reflects you. This isn't that.

I'm surprised at my strong reaction - heh!


stomach foot. yick. no thanks. I do wish I could think of something clever though. I'll set my team of trained booksellers right on it.


I'm just not digging this one. =P

Anita D

I kinda like it. I'm definitely in the minority on this one, but perhaps it will draw the "foodie" crowd... although, most of the folks reading your blog are one and the same. Okay, I'm a foodie and I would try a restaurant called Castropoda.

Side note: Little Fish is a great idea, but a somewhat new restaurant opened in SF called Weird Fish... I think it would be confusing. But it is creative! Unlike my brain these days.... sorry, still no names to contribute!

Anony the mouse

No appetite appeal.

Morton the Mousse

No puns. People always think that puns are a great name for their business, but can you think of a single successful business (let alone a restaurant) whose name is a pun? I can't.


I'm with Anita -- too cutesy, and I definitely thought of the Castro first. And let's face it -- you do not want to associate yourself with the Castro and be taken seriously as a restaurant.

At least you didn't go full-on cutesy with something like Escar-GO! And, please, don't even consider it now.


no - please don't! sounds like a foodborne illness


Arel: Source or Root in Catalan, I really like this, easy to say, reference to farm to table


Collita: Harvest or Bona Collita: Rich Harvest


Arel: Source or Root in Catalan, I really like this, easy to say, reference to farm to table


Collita: Harvest or Bona Collita: Rich Harvest

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