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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Yay Brett! I'm so thrilled to see you as the featured site! I was logging in this morning and noticed it - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

You rock.


Hey, hope the move went smoothly! I'm digging out from under post-festival exhaustion, so whenever you've dug out from under your boxes, let me know.

So glad to see you featured!


It's nice to find your site. You seem like a neat guy, too. I'll keep reading!

Jennifer Jeffrey

Suh-weeet! Bask away... you deserve every last lumen of the spotlight.

I'm so glad more people are going to discover you and read about your adventures.

Good luck unpacking!


Congrats on being the featured site!! Looks like you got a lot of boxes - good luck with unpacking!


I moved 2 years ago, still have things in boxes. Guess if I haven't missed those items in 2 years it's safe to donate them to someone who might use 'em!

Will you be posting any good, secret recipes?


Welcome to the neighborhood. This is Tracy from the bookstore across the street. Our whole staff has been reading your blog and we're very excited about a new restaurant in Noe! If you need any help, just let us know. (p.s. Does the Noe Valley Voice know about you yet?)


How Cool!! (And how cool, the comment from Tracy.)

god, moving is so hard.
good luck.


I am doing a happy dance...I am, I am. Welcome back a bit belated. I've missed you, your humor, your writing and your recipes. I've never commented before but had been following you for about 5 months before the very long summer. I'm so glad you're back after a bumpy ride...sporting a new look and seemingly taking change in stride. I've just jumped aboard this ride again and had to rewind to September to update and appreciate. You've been missed...and this happy dance is for you!


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