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Sunday, October 07, 2007



Congrats on your first installation. And I have to say you've nailed the graffiti artist pose--very cool! (I know it makes it less cool that I've said it's cool, but whatever)


He cooks, he writes, he makes art. Damn.


Thanks, Michele. It was hard to capture that pose. I kept laughing in between takes.

Aw shucks, Anita.


Damn, son. You feel like an entirely new person. Nice job on the legal high, btw ;)

And thanks for the sweet comment over chez FM; I'm doing better. Amazing what a few bourbon and gingers, and a night at a comedy club, will do for a girl!

jeanne bee

this is bad ass alt art!


that was fun hanging out with you at the decompression last night brett although i think one aperol too many may have put me over the edge so please forgive me if I was just spouting crap at ya.


Where can you buy fresh sardinws in Sacramento??
I'm dying to eat some fresh ones!


Really really beautiful, the story and the art! I love the 'aura' on the phoenix.

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