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Saturday, June 02, 2007



I hope it works out for the best...whichever way that goes, mate. You'll never really lose that letter, it's always there, just for the moment it's hard to see. Take care.


Hi Brett,

If you need a break, don't hesitate to come to Spain, we will take care of you from feast to feast. Remember that you owe us a visit to Madrid.



As they say in Hawaiian, mälama pono, loosely "take care." I hope you return in good time.


whatever the issue, I wish you only the best in the coming months as you work through it.


que tengas felices suenos en tiempos dificiles!
All the best to you!
If you ever feel the need to learn about german cooking - just let me know!
I hope soon you will not only be dreaming of happier times.


If you feel the need to escape the city for a bit, feel free to come north to Sacramento. We'll do what we can to help out.


Please do take the time you need, but also know how many of us who have come to know and love you through this blog are rooting for you and wishing you all the best...


hi brett, i wish you the best and a speedy bounce back! will miss your blog and posts.


Brett: I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you, and so very sorry about the turn things have taken. Just know that there many of us out here who, although we have never met you, feel like we know you and wish you nothing but the best.

Hang in there...


Dear Brett,

I can guess the missing letter, and am so sorry for your pain. Take comfort in the love that surrounds you, and take heart in the love that suffuses you. All will be well.

Blessings to you, good man.



For every door that closes another opens. Take heart and know that in time you will be better.


Hi Brett.
Thinking of you.
J-L & Donna


Hey Brett,
Do what you need to do - not what you feel you should do. Your soul will tell you what is right.
There are lots of us out here wishing you only good things.


So Sorry. I discovered the site just AFTER you signe off. I will enjoy reading the dusty files and catching up.


Dear Brett,

I have no words except for praise and consolation. Fond thoughts and best regards.



We miss you! Come back soon because we're all going through "In Praise of Sardines" withdrawals.


Oh no!

All the best to you.

I think of you and this blog every time I walk up that steep steep Castro street hill. I always enjoy your writing and have been excited about the restaurant to come.

Anything someone in the city can do for you.. just ask.


brett, I hope whatever it is is solved well and good and soon. We´ll you. Un abrazo muy fuerte.


so sorry to read that you aren't doing well. Hope everything gets better and just to join the ranks of those who miss you and wish you the best.


Well that sucks. Very sorry to hear it and hope you feel better soon. When you do, I must tell you how your love of sardines helped convince me to grill 3 kilos of them for a family reunion in France.

michel khodair

pure envy

Lo Leber


I'm so sorry...I wish you the best. I'll miss your honest food musings and hope that you rediscover your gusto fra poco.



i just stumbeld on your blog and read it in its entirety. it's that wonderful.

best of everything to you and thanks for such beuatiful postings.

shuna fish lydon

Comment #49:

I have not given up hope.
On any of it.
We miss you.
Love you.
and think of you all the time.

and anyways, I have a feeling when you've gone through through, you'll be even more delicious.
xo shuna

Anita @ Married ...with Dinner

Still jonesing for my IPOS fix and hoping all is going as well for you as can be hoped.

When I see Ollalieberries at the market, I think good thoughts in your direction...

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