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Friday, April 27, 2007



why did you blame cuesa?

I read somehwere a quote from Andy where he bad mouthed the market's visitors and blamed them for his leaving. Sure - there are a lot of tourists there who aren't buying veg, but for those of us locals who diligently shop every week and are supportive of all these small farms come rain or shine, what he said was a bit of a kick in the face.

Ahh purle food - never found one that didn't look pretty disappointing by the time it was cooked.


Why blame CUESA? No reason. Just being flippant. I've since changed the sentence to be more self-deprecating.

As for Andy's comments, I don't think he meant them as disrespect to those of us who shop at the FPFM either. He seemed to mean that the economics of attending the market were not as favorable as in the past. According to other vendors I've spoken with, revenue is down at farmers' markets across the Bay Area compared to 5 years ago. I'm not sure of the reasons. CUESA is not to blame and neither, frankly, are tourists. In fact, according to my sources, the Saturday FPFM is still the leading market in the Bay Area, with the Saturday Berkeley market second.


If you want to grow purple fava's, Seeds of Change sell them. They're called Guatemalan Purple.


I've had good luck in San Francisco, planting favas in November, for lots of spring beans.


That's wild, Erik. I love Seeds of Change. They sell some really interesting heirloom seeds. Those Guatemalan favas appear deep, dark violet, almost black. Do you know if those beans are actually purple beneath the outer skins? The ones I found in my market basket were more than likely random discolorations, not this Guatemalan Purple variety.


Thanks for the purple fava photo. Beautiful!


What a beautiful picture. I grow my own favas, just had them last night, in fact. And I've never had a purple fava. We adore them in our house and I wish I could plant acres of them!

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