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Saturday, March 24, 2007



So exciting to hear all about all the plans (to see them, even!). Can you reserve a bar stool at the counter for me, please? I can't wait.


thank you for posting snippets of the architectural plans. I love 'em. And we, too, love sitting at the bar.


Everything you tell about Olallie makes me want to dine here when it opens. We'll see if I will ever make the thousands of miles...

N from ipos

Ahhh... Rafa's! The most delicious memory. Tiny, sweet, wild mussels with barnacles all over them and the essence of sea air clinging to them. Another quirk: instead of a paper menu, you point at which of the day's deliveries you'd like to eat right in his fridge!


Brett, how exciting! this restaurant project...floorplans, ideas and everything coming together! Love the counter idea. I just got back from Japan on a 10day trip. Food was amazing. Started to blog about my experience. There were these tiny bars that seat only 5 or 6 people maximum. All over harajuku and shibuya in Tokyo. Very fun. Speak soon! P.s. I'm taking up a job offer in Amsterdam. Starting in early May!

Wood Stove Accessories

Total agreement. There is no way to duplicate the flavor that comes from a wood fired oven besides the fact that it just looks right in a traditional kitche.

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