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Thursday, March 22, 2007



Isn't it wonderful how constraints can cause designers (and others, too -- even chefs!) to think of gorgeous solutions that they wouldn't have uncovered if money/space/time were unlimited?

Some of our favorite parts of our new kitchen happened because we were trying to keep to a specific budget, and we needed to create more space without bumping the walls out, too.

I can't wait to see it. You're going to post construction photos, right? :D


I think, if this works functionally for you, then it should be just fine aesthetically. Much better not to deal with major structural work (with $$$ you don't have!) and use space smartly.

Your space will be unique, honest, and open - just like you!


Relax. It's very, very cool. (No pun intended.)


I am getting giddy about reading more and more about your place. I so already book a table during the first week you're open.


Anita, I agree. Boundaries and limits encourage creativity in cooking too. We'll definitely post construction pictures when we break ground.

Diane, thanks for your kind words!

Cookiecrumb, thanks. It's grown on me.

Garrett, I'm glad you're enjoying my updates. I'm never sure how many people are interested. I'm trying to keep my posts interesting without slipping into the mundane details. Believe me, in 4 months there were a lot of those!

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