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Thursday, January 18, 2007



Our winner hasn't contacted us, either! How odd...

I'm dying to hear how your Ollalie plans are proceeding, but you know that. :)


ha..ha...it seems my winner does not know either and has not contacted me. I wonder if some of them are just waiting to be notified.


Brett, it's always great to hear from you! So many of us check back regularly and keep you and the venture in our thoughts!


I wanted you to know that my donation is on its way to the winner. He and I were in contact within 2-3 hours of Pim's annoucement on Monday and within minutes, you confirmed the information.

I want to thank you for your promptness and professionalism.

I look forward to dining at your restaurant.


Wow, my name in big bold lowercase lights! Thrice even! Actually yes, I have been aware all week, just hadn't found much in the way of a spare moment. Or perhaps was too busy basking in the glow of winnerdom. Something along those lines surely... and I will be in touch shortly.

But to allay your potential scheduling worry immediately, I will indeed be opting for door # 'Ollalie'.

Thank you, Brett, and of course many more thanks due you and Pim and Sam and Fatemeh and and and (you get the idea) for all your efforts.


I can't believe I mispelled it. That'd be door # 'Olallie', duh.



Yay, a new post from my favorite sardine worshipper.

I found myself at the corner of 24th and Castro today, trying to decide which building might be the future Olallie. I can't wait!

So, how does it feel to write "my restaurant"?



Loved your blog:)
Found it while googling for a recipe!
Wishing you all the best for your future ventures!:)


Just discovered IPOS. It's terrific. I'm an overseas San Franciscan (born in SF, living in SE Asia), a restaurant owner, and incurable foodie. Coincidentally, i've just spent a month eating my way through Spain, and have long been aware of the gastronomic status of the sardine. (in fact i came across ISOP when i googled "sardines". haha.) You write masterfully as well. In short, your blog is the bees knees!

Will be visiting the Bay Area in a couple of months, hope Olallie is open by then. good luck! (btw, etymology of name?)

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