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Thursday, December 07, 2006



I'll have some of what he's having.


Dang, Brett. Posts like this make me count the days until you're open. Can I make my reservations now?


Oh, Los Diamantes.... Hubby and I were there 7 years ago and loved it so much that this year we made a 3-day trip to Granada (from Munich!) only because of them! We ate every single meal there. In September I sent some friends over, as well, but they reported it was closed. I hope only temporarily!


this looks like my kind of recipe! it seems like in london as well, tapas bars are on the rise again - the good kind, i mean. we've had enough chewy cheese and cheap ham croquettes for my liking, bring on the fancy stuff, like fried squash blossoms with truffle honey or just plain old chipirones... can't go wrong with that, if you keep an eye on quality!

Colleen W

I have not cooked with regular oil for several years now. I use olive oil in every aspect that I can use it. In watching our cholesterol counts, we don't eat Mickey Dee fries anymore BUT there is a way that I make oven fries with the olive oil and we can eat them guilt-free. So tasty! Slice your potatoes with skins on, dip in olive oil and bake at like 350-375 degrees for 15-20 mins or until you notice them browning. When you take them out of oven, sprinkle lightly with salt.


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