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Saturday, November 11, 2006



Dream Big, Baby. . . Keep believing and don't let the little distractions get in the way.

I will plan to celebrate my birthday at "Olallie" next summer. It's a big one, I'll be 39 (again) LOL!

Anni :-)


All I can say is you'd better be open by next June, or there's gonna be trouble...I'm gonna kick some contractor ass if it isn't.


Nobody sain that this was going to be easy, and it hasn't started yet.

But taking it possitively you can still come to Spain once more before opening the restaurant.

Good luck Brett.


While not pleased, I'm not surprised. Hang in there, soon you'll look back to the easy days of construction.


Good things take time. Wine, cheese, restaurants.

Juan-Luis Sanchez

Hey Brett,
Keep up the good work, D and I will be anxiously anticipating every update. My own plans have gone through their own ups and downs, so I have the vaguest idea of how this must be consuming all your time and attention as you navigate through things. All the best, Juan-Luis


Brett, we feel your pain. Our new kitchen is going to take 10-12 weeks (and that's just a kitchen, not a whole restaurant...) for permitting and constructions, and it's costing roughly twice as much as we'd budgeted, too. I think it's just the way of the construction world, alas. But keep the faith: You have a vision and we can't wait to taste it. (How's that for a mixed metaphor?)

We'll look forward to celebrating summer at Olallie. What better time to launch a restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal, local foods? -- you should tell people you planned it that way. :D


Oh, Brett. Condolences, condolences. That sucks.

But know that we are waiting to come pounding down your door, whenever that door is ready to open (though you might really want to try to make it happen before David's trip, because nothing is scarier than a chocolatier with a chip on his shoulder).

Dreams never come easy (or cheap, it appears). But they are worth it in the end. Hang in there. Be tough like the blackberries--which pretty much refuse to die.

We're rooting for you!


I'm with Anita. What could be better than a Spanish summer menu to launch with?

shuna fish lydon

I think the time will fly. I do. there is so much to do between now and then. Better to know the timeline than not. Restaurants never get built in time. But the good ones are well worth the wait!

We stand behind and with you 100%

(Selfishly, I hope to see more of you and N. before the "baby" arrives!)


Anni, I'd love to be able to share such a momentous occasion with you. Thanks for your encouragement.

David, I'll let the contractors know! June's my deadline (although someone else I know is expecting May for reasons similar to yours).

Nopisto, you do tempt me! You know I have a weakness for Spain! I have a feeling, though, that I won't have any money left over.

Haddock, "the easy days of construction." Thanks for the reality check - you're so right!

Barbara, words of wisdom from the one of the wisest people I know. I have to remember to be patient.

Thanks, Juan-Luis. I'm positive you know exactly what I'm going through. The content may vary, but it's a process we're all familiar with, isn't it.

Anita, thanks for the positive reminder. I was actually a little worried about opening a seasonal restaurant in the middle of the winter. Summer will allow my cooking to shine. Why, of course I planned to open during the summer all along! (Did that sound convincing? I'll keep practicing). By the way, your comment was number 1,000 on my blog!

Tea, my wild blackberry loving sister. Yes, I will be tough like the blackberry. It can grow anywhere and is armed with menacing thorns. Got that, Mr. Contractor Man?

Sean, yes, you are so right. Hopefully our SF summers will cooperate like they did this year and bring us more sun and less fog.

Shuna, I agree. Definitely better to know the timeline (and the costs) well ahead of time. The honesty and matter-of-factness of my new architect is so refreshing. Thanks also for your support. And yes, you will see more of N and I. Guaranteed!


Hi Brett,

I used to be a landscape architect but changed career and now training to be a chef because of my passion for food and cooking. Like you, I dream to run my own little place someday, with the same philosophy as yours, homestyle and honest cooking using good seasonal produce. Your website has been a real inspiration and wealth of information for someone like me. I wish you all the best with your new venture and look forward to further news.

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