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Wednesday, October 04, 2006



Congratulations, Brett. I can really feel your contentment and excitement, if it's possible to experience both those sensations simultaneously!


I'm very excited for you. I hope I can come there sometime.


SO happy for you! I love olallie berries almost as much as I love you two!

Jennifer Jeffrey

I love the name! I grew up surrounded by brambly bushes, and the name does indeed have a very warm, whimsical vibe to it. I'm sure you'll create something magical. Can't wait!


Wow, this is fantastic news, Brett!! I'm so glad you finally found the time to tell us what's been going on with your restaurant, and thrilled that all the pieces are falling into place. Congratulations, and best of luck with the next stages.


Alright, the name. I like it a lot, but it only scores a 4 out of 5 because it's too hard for 4 out of 5 people to pronounce correctly. (Note: This hasn't hindered clothier Oilily from great success, either.)


olallie is a perfect name.
I am so excited about your restaurant opening, I think I am almost going to wet my knickers again.

I hereby volunteer to be an alpha tester and guinea pig extraordinaire.


Cookie, trust me it's possible to feel many ways at once. To content and excited, add crazed, loopy, frustrated, and irrate, to name a few.

Kalyn, I'd love it if you came to visit some day. SLC isn't that far from SF.

Joy, we're both blushing. We love you too.

Jennifer, thank you. I love the name too. I like the word brambly as well.

Melissa, thanks. More than luck, I'm going to need lots of patience during the next phases.

Jack, thanks for your input. From my own sampling of non-foodies, only about 1 out of 5 can't pronounce olallie correctly. Most locals seem to be familiar with olallieberries and recognize the word immediately. They're my target audience. If you extend to other parts of the country, though, you may be right. But even if people pronounce it ol-a-LEE instead of oh-LA-lee, I'm fine with that. It's just a name. I've been called Brent or Brad often enough that it rarely bothers me. Lot's of people screw up the pronounciation of Oliveto, Chez Panisse, Incanto, and even Delfina.

Sam, I'm glad you like the name. As for this delicate issue of yours, you may want to look at these products...;-)


Congrats on being in the paper! So excited to hear that things are going along well and can't wait till your place opens!!


Brett Congratulations! Olallieberries are big for me. Brewed Awakenings, the cafe I "lived" at while living on Berkeley's north side, used to make olallieberry scones. I ate one EVERY morning or afternoon with my dear friend Mary. The mere thought of that berry is very madeleine like--nothing but warm and cherished memories. I wish you the very best with Olallie and I hope to dine there when I get back out to the Bay Area.


I love the name. It sounds like something out of "the sound of music". love the saffron belt thing, too. We tend to think of Spanish cuisine as free floating, and people think it´s silly when they see a book like Moro, but of course we´re very connected to all those other mediterranean countries.


Congrats on the new restaurant--I really like the name, too. One thing I would love to hear more about: now that you've found the spot, the name, and the general theme for the food, how do you come up with the actual menu?

the other Anita (from M...w/D)

Brett, thanks so much for sharing your wild ride with us. We're eagerly waiting our chance to taste!


wonderful name...you have to end with a smile, no? or at least say throwing your hands up in the air. Come on, people, say it with me!

olallie! :)


Brett, I am just delighted for you. What wonderful news!

Can't wait to eat at your place.

(And if you need a website...or a logo...?)

: D

Sally Smith

Congratulations and welcome to Noe Valley. Your restaurant sounds like just what we need to juice up the neighborhood. Also, your wild ride description is a terrific read. Would we be able to perhaps excerpt a few paragraphs or more in an upcoming issue? Please drop me a line and let me know what you think -- and also your timetable for opening Olallie. Wishing you all the best,
Sally, editor and co-publisher, Noe Valley Voice

Dr. Biggles

Hey, congrats mang !!!

I was chanting for Meathenge as the name. But I guess yours is okay too.

Will you allow hillbillies in?



Congratulations Brett and N! I have never heard of the word “Olallie” before but now after reading your explanation, I love it. So pretty, easy to remember and pronounce, it rolls of the tongue like a favorite children’s lullaby.

We are planning to visit SF in spring/summer next year. We will definitely visit your restaurant. Congratulations and best wishes!


Congratulations Brett. Gret choice for the name. I did like the name Little Fish also. I'll visit when I'm next in the area.

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