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Tuesday, August 01, 2006



"In case I'd forgotten why I love Spain so much"

Oh, ha ha ha!!! "In case."



guess what little fish,
pirate graham trailed at Zax, how's that for a small world


Hope you're having a wonderful time, Brett - the langoustines look irresistible, of course... Looking forward to reading more of your posts from Spain, take care.


That does look delicious !



I will be in Barcelona in a week, and just happened on your post about Hispania Restaurant. Can you post some general direction on how to get there from Barcelona? The site is in Spanish and Catalan and I'm a bad navigator. Thanks.


Hi there,

Just wanted to note here for all who wants to visit Hispania that it is closed Sept. 25 through Oct. 25 for remodelling. Due to a travel SNAFU we did not make our reservation, and instead took an impromptu detour on our way back to France on the 27th. The restaurant was shuttered, much to our disappointment. By the way, if you are on N-11 driving toward the restaurant and looking for the street numbers, don't be discouraged if it appears that you are leaving town and perhaps have left the restaurant behind. The shops will thin out, there will be a McDonalds on your right, keep going about 300 meters. Around the bend is a roundabout, you will see a sign for Hispania, and bear right.

Thanks Brett for all the help.

Travel Guy

That looks good! Spain has some amazing restaurants and I've been lucky enough to tour the country often. I do have trouble with the menus though. :- )

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