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Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Brett, you are KILLING me. I won't have time to go to all those places!

Congrats on the restaurant -- I will be 1st in line.

If possible, you have made me even MORE excited about our trip.

Dr. Biggles

Holy dang! Congrats an junk.

Now I suppose the hard work begins. Are you going to put in your own smoker and smoke fish?



Brett, Congratulations on the restaurant--woo hoo! I'm very excited for you. When I come out to the Bay Area next year I'll be sure to stop by. I can't wait to hear more. Cheers!

Edward Vicedo


It sounds like a great trip. Let's get together and have some cava with N and A.


Brett -- congratulations on the great news about the restaurant! I look forward with great anticipation to opening night!


Yay! Congratulations let the real wild ride begin.


That is great news all around.
Congrats N!
We also can't wait to hop over to the Sardinery (we'll be in line right after Joy...or maybe she'll let us tag along at her table)

Ben D.

The food business is something that I have been interested in for as long as I can remember, but have never pursued. Hats off to you from my air conditioned computer stuffed office in the South Bay.

I tingle with excitement each time I read an update on your wild ride, and I look forward to experiencing the fruit it bears.


Congrats- now you'll never go anywhere again. N give us a call and we'll give you all the tools you need. Can't wait.


Wellcomeback Brett,

Looking forward for your reviews as your meals seem so different from mine at least at Can Roca.

Did you hit Etxebarri in the end?


Congratulations! What great news. I can't wait to be able to pop in for a meal. I'm just wondering which "lovely San Francisco neighborhood" is going to be lucky enough to get you:-)


Need a first rate plongeur? :)


Wow! Great news indeed! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear about your restaurant. All the best, Brett, in your new venture!


Congratulations! I know how difficult your industry can be, but we will all come out to support you. I am sure it will be fabulous! Looking forward to the opening.

Probably less posting though, na?


congratulations to you and N! can't wait until your restaurant opens and you reveal it on your blog. bet the food will be awesome like the ones on your blog.


Wow! So much has happened since I was N's dinner partner in the spring. Congratulations all around for the good fortune you have received -- I'm sure you both earned every bit of it. I look forward to reeading more and more while I wait for the restaurant to open. What a fabulous summer!


Wow, Brett, congrats, that's great news for you and even better news for your readers, as I'm absolutely certain that el Casa de Sardinas will be our new favorite restaurant in SF.

BTW - here's an idea:(yeah I'm sure you need lots of suggestions from the comments section right about now) How about doing a soft opening by inviting all your blog friends and readers in for the first week b4 opening your doors to the hoi paloy?


Nice, I am happy for you and will be among your first guests..
how about fish machetes for the place setting?


I´m so pleased for you, congrats!
I wish you wild success, and lots more holidays in Spain.


Oh my goodness, this is such great news!! Many congratulations (to you both, of course), and in case I didn't have enough already tempting me back to the Bay Area, you've quadrupled the desire! Looking forward to more stories about your trip...


looking forward to your grand opening...will bring friends with healthy appetites!!!


Congratulations!!! Great Spain pic. It makes me want to go there. A friend of mine just got back from there and he had an awesome time.


Congrats on the new restaurant. Looking forward to many a memorable meal there.

BTW, johng has a good idea about the soft opening.


Hooray for sardines! As an unrepentant fan of sardines and anchovies and other little fishies, I was so happy to stumble upon your blog on Food Blog Scool. Also, I've been itching to go to Spain for awhile--after seeing your site, I'm even more eager to go.

Looking forward to hearing about your restaurant. Though I live in New York, I'm in San Francisco at least once a year to visit my sister, Lauren, who's the sous chef at Delfina.

Best wishes, Sarah


Congratulations! I'm going to be in the Bay Area next summer, to be certain, for a little trip with the Chef. You know, one of those celebratory trips that two people take together after a special ceremony. We would LOVE to come into your restaurant.

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