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Thursday, March 30, 2006



Nice shootin' there Tex!

I don't believe I have 20 feet worth, but I do have a nice collection.
I grab recipes from everywhere and follow none of them. They're guidelines for me and my hillbilly ways.



Great answers!

As someone who has an extensive cookbook collection (also well over 101), I share many of your views. And I definitely agree that nothing beats the feel of a cookbook you love.


Hi Brett..that is an impressive collection of cookbooks. I have less than 10 cookbooks and I agree than nothing beats the feel of the book in your hands and enjoying the reading from it.


i love the bit about trying to "respect the traditions and heritage". i find the history more interesting for cooking and eating. i totally agree with this but never put it so eloquently. :) great post brett.


Great collection! I am working on mine - I probably have about 9 feet of books, but am fast running out of space. I do keep a "to be tried" folder - mostly printouts from blogs, but for the cookbooks I just pick one up, browse and decide to explore whatever I am in the mood for at the time, or buy something at the farmer's market and then consult the books to give me ideas what to do with them. Mostly I just read the cookbooks. I read them for pleasure just about as much (or even maybe more) than I actually cook from them.

Good luck with the restaurant hunt!

Tony of the Bachelor cooking

That's an amazing Array of books. I have never bought a recipe book. I am still in the process of experimenting my own discoveries..

By the way I cooked Sardines today lol..

And I have a food event going on over the weekend.. DO check out.


I recognize a few books that we have in common on your shelves. And some others that I wish were on mine. No peeled beaver tail for dinner? What about a skinned possum? Joy has detailed instructions for that one too.


Have you got the Slow Food Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area - Restaurants, Markets, Bars



Brett, thanks for the tour of your recipe collection. It's always fun to see how other people organize their food lives.

From a certain perspective, I'm a grandmother in the kitchen too, especially when it comes to Italian food. There, I practice a strict brand of culinary orthodoxy, and I feel uncomfortable straying from it.

I am, however, endlessly fascinated by molecular gastronomy, and make virtually any MG recipe I can find. There's something fun about trying a flavour combination or technique you've never tried before. It's both a test of kitchen skill and a small act of gastronomic rebellion.


You know, I really ought to show my fiance your book collection. He thinks I have too many and I've barely got started! I have, max, 25 books!

Venkatesh Iyer

It is nice to see a collection of books. You seem to be getting lot of ideas from these books.

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