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Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Oooh, I bet he has them at the Santa Cruz market this afternoon. Yum.

Evil Jonny

Thanks for this great description as well as the photos. I grow pink guavas down here in Southern California. Actually they do quite well in this climate. I have yet to try this cultivar though... can't wait to try it. I'll be up in SF in April so looks like I will actually get the chance, too.

Great blog!


The Brokaw Nursery also has a stand at the Saturday Berkeley Farmers Market, on Center Street between Milvia and MLK in Downtown Berkeley. I bought a few of the guavas today and am looking forward to experiencing their fruity goodness.


I just moved and had been annoyed at the musty smell from the old cedar closets I had. I tried scented candles, but they didn't help. I hate incense and couldn't stand potpourri.

At the Alemany market I came upon some guavas. they smelled so beautiful and the woman selling them assured me that they would smell better in a few days. I bought a bunch, put them in a bowl, and now everytime i open the door, that's what i smell. Sweet, beautiful guavas.


Amanda, thanks for dropping by IPOS and sharing your lovely story. Hopefully, the guavas eventually came out of the closet, so to speak, and got eaten. I mean, this is San Francisco after all.


And they were delicious--off for a refill this weekend. It was great to meet you the other day, Brett.

Kimberly McCaskey

THanks man! I just bought one of these the other day on the corner of Sunset and Laurel at the Bristol Farms in L.A.... having NO idea what it was. Tried to eat it before it was ripe. Talked a coworker into tasting it too. I don't think he'll ever taste anything I try to give him again. Not too good unripe.. but that was funny! The look on his face. Can't wait until their ripe! Thanks! Funny when you have to do research on fruit you bought. Mystery fruit. I thought it was some type of pear? They do smell fantastic! You're right.

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