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Monday, January 30, 2006



All of the above!


HA! "So restaurants can charge screwage" - I love it. At the restaurant where I work, we frequently joke about the correct etiquette for opening a screw-top at the table. It's a great idea for reducing cork contaminants, not so great for dramatic flair.


I'd love to see that on my receipt:

Osso bucco $24.95
Fennel salad $8.95
*screwage* $5.00


That's pretty funny.
I couldn't tell you why...but I'm with Vanessa on that one. Like to see that on a receipt. Speaking of receipts, eater.curbed.com is doing funny receipt round-ups. Check it out...

Castor Oil

Add one more "To make money for Un-Screw-pulous restaurants"!

CO, Castor Oil

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