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Saturday, January 28, 2006



That looks so good! And I completely agree with you..the highlight is the pasta. I'm all about the kosher salt-I dump a ton of that in the boilin water (and even garlic salt) before I cook anything. I like the hot pepper flakes-that is a nice touch.


This look postiively delicious, even if it IS made with orecchiette.

'Cos here's the thing. I HATE Orecchiette. Really. Something about the texture and the shape really don't sit well with me. Isn't that weird? It's one of those food "issues", I suppose.


that's funny, Fatemeh, orecchiete is my favorite pasta shape. It's neck and neck with bucatini (what can I say? I have kid-like pasta tastes). the turnips look beautiful. Makes me think we're not too far off a kim chee pasta dish.i went to a restaurant where they had a kimchi pizza with chicken and cheese. um, no. but pasta? there's an idea :)


Hi Brett Another good looking production from your kitchen. Great looking baby turnips..I have never seen them..Nice pics.


Mona, yes, salting your water very well is key, whether you're cooking pasta or vegetables.

Fatemeh, how funny! I wonder what it is about the shape that freaks you out? The texture can be a little different, especially with the hand made version. The outer parts get quite soft, and the center remains al dente.

Vanessa, kim chee pasta? Maybe. Especially if you throw some duck in there to balance out the tang and salt of the pickled vegetables. And a little broth.

Gini, thank you for the compliments. I had never seen baby turnips until I moved to the Bay Area. I hate to say this, but probably the best way to get your hands on them is to grow them yourself! Otherwise, you can make a very similar tasting pasta dish with broccoli rabe, which is far more available.


Orrechiete is a favorite pasta shape of mine, too, and you know I love turnips. I love orrechiete especially in a baked pasta and cauliflower dish copied from Al Forno, in Providence, which I personally call "cauliflower ears."

Those baby turnips are gorgeous.


I never thought of turnips with pasta - great idea. Thanks! It looks fantastic.


yeah, kimchee pasta, maybe not.


Screw the restaurants -- I'm coming to your house for dinner:).

Azriel Lider

It looks very tasty. The only thing I used turnips until now was for pickling.

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