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Thursday, January 26, 2006



Re: your comment about tomato rasam...
This is my all-time cold buster. I crave it when I am sick, and it clears out the sinuses in no time. Mmmmmm.....


Nice, keep the cold remedies flowing. Mine's still kickin around in my head -gotta get it out :) I suppose drinking never helps. But this is a heavy month of friend birthdays. In the words of Ado Annie "I Cain't Say Noooooo..."

Heidi V

Well, I'm not going to wait until I have a cold to try this tortilla soup. It sounds wonderfully hearty!


I've never been fond of Mexican food - chiefly because I always had the misfortune of only having very bad Mexican food before - so when I was on a date and my date suggested that I have tortilla soup because I had a cold, I thought he was an idiot. I changed my mind when I had the soup. It was absolutely yummy and I felt loads better after that. I did not change my mind about the guy though. LOL.

Will have to try your recipe one day.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Nice light on the soup. Inviting!


mmmm... can't wait to try it. OK, hated "Tortilla Soup," the movie, but you know, I just love Hector Elizondo and Elizabeth Pena... so I really excused the horrendousness....

And now, you have provided the best tortilla soup I have ever read.

Gracias! Xie xie!


I will absolutely have to give this a try and soon. I love to make and eat soup and with this horribly cold weather we've been having in nyc - this soup will be delicious! that's cilantro i see in the bowl, right?


I laughed out loud reading your introduction.

You didn't turn out a 'demo lib' just to annoy your parents? :)

Thanks for responding to the meme and for this wonderful recipe. I think, I can make a meatless version from your recipe. I'm going to give it a try.

Yes, that dried ginger ale can wake a dead zombie.Very potent non-alcoholic drink. It's like drinking old scotch or something. Cold has no chance but go away.:)

Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

kel @ Green Olive Tree

hi Brett, what a delight to find your blog too! Judging from the links on your site, it does seem obvious that you´re a fan of Spain and its cuisine. Yes, I´ve been crossing across the border a lot lately so most of my entries have been French-focused. But I have resolved to undo the trend. Voila, one new post on Barcelona fresh off the oven.



"volcanic mud", "aromatherapy", "thick hotel robes"!!!
Outstanding!! Has anybody ever written about food in these terms?

Heidi V.

this soup is as good as it looks. We made it last night and loved it - in fact it is jumping to my sister in southern california tonight. Thanks!


I never thought of tortilla soup being a cold remedy..great idea. The clear broth version would make sense.


I use to wait tables at Houstons and the tortilla soup was a favorite of all our customers. They would wait for 2 hours at lunch just to get a bowl of it. It is the perfect comfort food, although I have not been able to eat it for years...to much of a good thing turns bad sometimes. But I will have to try your recipe and see if its as good as you say. Thanks for the blog, I really enjoy reading it.

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