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Thursday, December 01, 2005



Rani, I would be inclined to leave the bread crumbs off rather than substitute pork rinds. The crumbs are there to provide crunch, but aren't necessary. If the textural contrast is something you desire, I would suggest adding toasted pinenuts and/or fried capers.

Sally Bowden

This is a worthwhile site and I have bookedmarked it as a valuable source for health knowledge. It's true the Mediterranean diet is exceptional but it's fun too unlike a lot of stuff I've dragged myself into before. I became impressed by it after a few recipes were forced on me. Later, I learned of its capabiliteis through researched documents at Harvard University. They're actually online. More and more findings indicate that it lends itself to reducing heart disease, bad cholesterol and other diseases listed on the site in the above link. Hope that's OK?! Keep up the good information. I'll be back - Sally.

Hugging the Coast

Can't go wrong with this flavor combination. Add me to the list of people who thinks your photo looks delicious!

Michael Hoffman

This looks AMAZING. It reminds me of a recipe I recently made from Marcella Hazan:


Cauliflower + Anchovy = Unbeatable Winter Meal


How could this be the least popular recipe ever? It is like the wonderful sicilian cauliflower-anchovy-pasta-breadcrumb dish. I don't even like anchovies, but I appreciate the umami in a dish like this.


I love this recipe. a little bit (1t) of yogurt (or milk) helps to get the perfect emulsion with less work at the mortar (or in the mixer :-))

Ed K

I've been making a similar variation of this for over 2 years ... found the recipe on-line (sorry forgot the source) and made it the first time as a side dish. I was blown away ... first off I used to gag eating cauliflower, and secondly I still gagged eating cauliflower. Now ... I have been known to sit down and make dinner from a head of roasted cauliflower with anchovy and caper dressing.


Thank you for a new recipe. Tried it tonight. It is great! My lovely wife Keiko also said Oishi!


I'm obsessed with this recipe and am making it AGAIN tonight.

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