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Wednesday, November 30, 2005



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We offer some high quality Spanish anchovies through our website, AJ Gourmet. Our Ducale Anchovies are fancy quality fillets from the Cantabric Sea off the northeast coast of Spain. You can read more about them at http://www.ajgourmetfoods.net/ducale-fancy-quality-anchovy-fillets.html

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christopher lee

Hi Brett,
This is Chris Lee from Eccolo. I read your blog off and on and it's very nice. I don’t envy you opening a restaurant - you have an idea of what it's like from your experience here, and now with your own. Anyway, my in-laws had an apartment in L'Escala for many years and Janet and I traveled there often. I agree the L’Escala anchovies are the very best anywhere. You know the ones I mean, the brined ones that you see being made in every garage as you stroll the town, and of course at the factory on the outskirts of the town. Their apartment was on the quay and I would go down - just a few steps from us – in the early morning as the boats returned from their night of fishing to buy anchovies for the day. They sailed out every evening except Saturday, and returned about 7 am. The ingénues would ask for a half kilo, and the fishermen would should back that the were sold on ly by the double handful! Back in those days there were six boast that harbored in L'Escala, but the port was expanded, mainly for the 1992 Olympics, and it doesn't look quite the same (I haven't been there in years, since the apt was sold, sometime in the late 1990’s), with lots of concrete and steel. There was a fisherman's bar on the quay that made exquisite!!! grilled anchovies a la braça, cooked over declining embers cooled with coarse salt, the anchovies themselves sprinkled liberally with more salt, and served with ali-oli as it is made only in Catalunya. It was a nice time and place.

I don't like the Cantabria ones as much. Though the flavor is good but it isn't as wonderful as those moist, succulent brine-packed ones from L'Escala. Unfortunately, the L’Escala anchovies aren’t avail here any more.

Anyway, best of luck with your restaurant. I’m sure it will be good. CL


Italians do it better


The best anchovies in the whole world are from Cantabric Sea, in the north of Spain; but from last two years they can't be fished because of a 'biological recovering'. The only brands that have this fabulous anchovies are Cantabricum, Lolin, Don bocarte and El Capricho.


I brought back a bottle and can of Oritz anchovies from a recent trip to Spain. I was not able to keep them refrigerated for three weeks during my travels. Would they have gone bad?

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