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Monday, November 28, 2005



this looks very tasty! i do, however, love thanksgiving too much to ever miss it. and i'm an ultimate sucker for those magazine covers! I totally buy into the hype, but i enjoy every minute of it, down to the clean-up. I'll have to try the duck sometime. I'm a huge fan of anything duck related.


Wow, this post is truly inspiring. After my family ate our way through a 25 pound turkey (embarrassingly there were only 5 of us) we decided NO MORE TURKEYS from this year on...I love you found a turkey substitute that was less stressful in the kitchen AND in your stomach!
Happy belated thanksgiving IPOS and hope you had a good weekend! Truly enjoyed this post.


hey brett - did you see my comment? did it get deleted?


Oh my this looks incredible, and I loved your description! I adore duck and never make it because my boyfriend doesn't like it... I'll have to find a duck-loving friend to try this out with.


Yeah, that looks awfully dang good, like great confit - but I'm not sure I could bring myself to cook Liberty duck breasts well done. Maybe grill those medium-rare, roast the legs, and serve some of each?


Ok, you made that sound very, very good. Tomorrow I am buying some duck. Definitely.


Radish, no need to skip Thanksgiving just to have this duck. You can have it any time of year. And I promise there will be plenty to clean up, too.

Mona, wow! 25 lbs! I've never seen a turkey that big! The only problem with substituting ducks for turkey is you'd have to cook 2 of them for 5 people. I guess that's not a problem if you have 2 ovens or your one oven is big enough. You also have to figure out the timing of your other dishes well, because the oven is set to such a low temp for 4 hours.

Luisa, good luck in your search for a duck-loving friend. Shouldn't be a problem in NY. Just ask around.

Johng, don't get me wrong, I love duck breasts cooked medium-rare (or even rare) too. But I have them that way frequently. This is just for a change. If you don't have duck often, it wouldn't be a bad idea to cook the breasts separately and try cooking the legs slowly in the oven as I described. The legs came out better than any confit I've had in a restaurant.

Michele, you go, girl. Bon appetit!


Yes, Luisa, some of us here in NYC are huge duckaholics. ;-) Lucky for me, my boyfriend likes duck as much as i do, or at least tolerates my obession with it.


Did Sonoma County Poultry deliver your duck to you? Or how did you get it? I checked out the web site, but it looks like they deliver to restaurants only...? Just wondering how I can get my hands on one.


Hey, your wife is a teacher? I teach fourth grade when I am not blogging. Some days it's pretty fun. (Then there are those other days.)

I love duck, although I've never tried cooking it myself. It does sound delish.


Jennifer, I used to order Liberty ducks direct through the restaurants I've worked at, but this time I bought it at the meat counter at Cafe Rouge (call ahead for availability). They tacked on a huge premium (more than double the restaurant price), though, which I was not happy about. Call Sonoma County Ducks directly (Jim's cell phone is even on the website). You can try arranging to pick it up somewhere, either at a restaurant or a store where they deliver. There must be a store near you that carries them. You're practically in Sonoma, so they may even deliver to your house.

Kalyn, N teaches 2nd grade and loves it. You should try cooking duck. It's not difficult and is a nice change from chicken for a special occasion.

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