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Thursday, September 15, 2005



This looks incredible! And so much better than Campbell's Tomato Soup with canned corn thrown in, although in university I wouldn't have turned my nose up at that either. But this fresh version looks great - thanks for the recipe!


Hey Brett...I just stopped by to thank you for linking to me and pick up your url for a link on my site but I have to say, I LOVE your blog, and more to the point, your food! The tomato soup looks great...I still have some of my Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and some leftover corn and a garden full of basil so I think I know what's for dinner tonight! -- I hope you are successful in your search for a fulfilling professional path...I feel lucky that I didn't go with food as a profession (though architecture wasn't all that great either) since I never got fed up with cooking...anyway, I'll be back soon!


Brett -- Found you via Knifesedge. Here are a few random associations:

Pig-snouts. In Virginia, and I guess in other parts of the South, a very popular treat is a snout (pronounced "snoot") sandwich. Never had the Moxie to try that but it's a bona fide regional pleasure.

Don't castigate yourself (look it up if you think that's a weird word) about cream of tomato soup. When I was going to visit MFK Fisher for the first time I was beside myself about what to take as my bread and butter gift to the lunch she was serving a few of us. I remembered reading that when she was feeling puny she went to bed with a mug of Campbell's c of t soup, sipping it whilst snuggled under blankets. I'm with her. And the grilled cheese sandie goes right along with it. No shame, no blame!



Thanks for the recipe... It made a lovely soup:)
Loved your blog!!

Best Regards,

Venkatesh Iyer

The soup looks very tasty from the picture. I would very much love to have it.

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