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Friday, August 12, 2005



Good post Brett,

This is how spanish workers, icluding me, eat every working day. It's not easy to find really good quality lunch menu restaurants, but some of them are really worth the visit.


nopisto, you are so much luckier in Spain to be given the time for a nice lunch! Here in the States we usually only have an hour, sometimes less, and often there is pressure to bring your own and eat it at the desk while you continue to work, all in the name of higher productivity.


Hi, Brett, I'm "asola". Let me tell you I'm delighted you like the place and that I'll be showing your picture to the girls soon!. It's a pity you didn't try Foxos, another big hit for me.

Alas, it's also a pity I went to SanFran two years ago, I could've asked YOU for recommendations.

Hope you come again soon,

BTW, Maine lobster in Catalan is called "llamàntol", you typed it wrong in another post


Alfred, thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for the recommendations. Tell the girls at Can Bertram I said "hola!"


I loved reading this! Heading to Barcelona on 27/9.


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