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Hi, my name is Brett and I am a professional cook who has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 15 years. I inherited my love of food from my mother, a proud New Yorker, and my grandmother, a refined New Englander, who both professed that they "lived to eat." I love to travel and have eaten my way around the world, so that every vacation inevitably turns into a culinary journey.

When I went to a local culinary school a decade ago, my dream was to open my own small neighborhood bistro, a place where I could serve the kind of food and wine that I'm passionate about: boldly flavored, rustic, seasonal foods and wines with an authentic sense of place.

But after ten years behind the stove, banging away at the "iron piano" as some oldtimers call it, I'm losing some of my resolve (or am I merely coming to my senses?). Although I am currently hunting for a space for my dream boƮte, I'm starting to scale this dream back to maybe a tea house, as tea is another passion of mine. I am also exploring other options within the culinary field, including writing about food and wine, and even options in other industries. Part of the rationale for this blog is to share this process, this journey, with whomever cares to read about it, sort of a chef in search of his Muse. But mainly I hope to explore, taste, and have a little fun sharing my experiences along the way.

December 2006 Update: After a long search, my dream is about to come true. I am hard at work planning and creating my little restaurant, which will be located in the Noe Valley neighborhood. Set to open in the summer of 2007, my restaurant's name will be Olallie Contigo. I hope to see y'all there some day soon!

June 2007 Update: Opening date has been postponed to 2008 due to unanticipated events.

March 2008 Update: If all goes well, Contigo will be opening its doors this July.

September 2008 Update: Contigo will be opening this autumn.

November 2008 Update: Contigo will open in December