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Monday, April 30, 2007




Try 2003!!!

You think so little of me. ;-)

Gorgeous photos, by the way. And, no, I don't think you missed any secret, it's a case of chacun son goût I suppose. There's nothing wrong with it, just more for me. Yay!



Gorgeous photos, your revenge is sweet.

I like the bitter notes as well, the others remind of the super sweet Japanese cakes/cookies that are designed to be eaten with bitter green tea to offset the sugar onslaught.

But oh they are pretty.


Ohh if only I had gotten to Paris sooner, I could've been blogging about them yeeears ago! [sob]

The blogging of PH macarons shall live on forever because they are so awesome. So thank you for adding to the delicious cruelness that is making me...stare at my monitor and feel very sad that I'm not in Paris.

For me the awesomeness of PH macarons was full of overbearing joy because I had eaten so many mediocre/bad ones beforehand. And I suppose I ate lots of good ones, but none of them tasted as good as PH! WAAAH!!!


I ate my first macaron in 1998(blogs were unheard of then, obviously) sitting in the upstairs salon of the Laduree in Madeleine. It was something lemony, and I loved it. I loved even more eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table between a middle aged businessman and his impressively cleavaged, younger female companion. We poured tea from silver pots as we listen to him offering to help her with her money woes.

Fast forward to 2007- we are living in Paris but the allure of the macaron is lost to us. I don't dislike them, but neither do I crave or adore. Granted some of the flavours are quite interesting, if pressed I would not refuse salted caramel ones.

We've even went back to the same salon and ordered the very same macaron- it was too sweet, too tart, too bleh. The conversation around us was not as titillating, the atmosphere not quite as sophisticated anymore. Oh well...


Ha ha. "Cupcakes."


ah, so beautiful!

Jennifer Jeffrey

Cute as baby chicks! Awww. Those are mighty pretty pictures. I can usually eat one or two before the sweet overload kicks in.

I'm dying to try the olive oil & vanilla one!

shuna fish lydon

I think that even if I had a blog while working at The French Laundry (in 1997) I would not have blogged about the French macaron (not macaroon) because they were the bain of my existance. And we were merely making the traditional ones!

During my last trip to Paris I, too, noticed how very sweet they were. But so is any meringue based confection, as it is just sugar and egg whites with a bit of almond meal binder.

But sexy they are. There is no doubt about their power to seduce. Especially when dusted in effervescent faeirie dust and filled with hidden cherries and foie gras!

Mmmmmmmm I can hear their sirenic lullaby now...

Byunghoon Kim

Cute photos & funny story! :)


From your description, I don't think they would be my cup of tea, either. I don't like things that are too sweet, and buttercream frosting is, well, nothing I ever crave. It's like milk chocolate: for babies!

: D

I'm always happy when I am free of envy. I don't envy anyone eating macarons, no matter how prettily they are colored. (Pretty photos, though!)


Just the more for me!
Seriously, I wonder why you didn't fell in love with them. Hubby and I are normally not sweet teeth and we like only bitter chocolate, but macarons somehow did it for us. We don't find them too sweet. And I always thought the American palate is used to more sugar than the European. There are so many dissappointing macarons, PH is for me heavensent. I really have cravings for them. Like, right now.
But as said, it is a good thing that not everyone has the same taste!


strippers of the pastry shop ...i like that! I hate these things, and I find the colors kind of offending, but your photos, not at all. they're very well done and nice sharpening.


Great pictures, great thread.

Before I ever tasted one, I too thought the colors garish and the flavors likely too sweet. Then I tasted the macarons at Pamplemousse in Redwood City and was converted big time! I haven't had the chance to compare with PH, but check out Pamplemousse next time you're in the Bay Area...


Now to find a way to get to Paris! Those pics *are* deliciously cruel!

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