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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



How bummed am I NOW that's i couldn't make it to Pim's that day :(


Brett, if it weren't midnight I would rush out to the store RIGHT NOW to buy the ingredients for this. I'm not surprised you trusted Suzanne on this recipe - how on earth can you go wrong with hazelnuts and browned butter? It looks so good, and the photo is gorgeous. Oh, and the new blog design's not too shabby either... ;)


God, that cake was so good.

And the truffles for New Years? Yea, those are both desserts that could only have been made by someone with a platinum sweet tooth.



I'm with Fatemeh, between the truly outstanding cake and the decadent truffles I think you're getting major pastry chef cred!



I bought Ms. Goin's book the very next day, inspired so by that cake! I really love when a savoury cook can put out a book wherein desserts are not lazy afterthoughts.

But I would not call this cake a torte. It had the elegant crumb of a cake, indeed.

I have some Oregon hazelnuts in the freezer. I now know how they will be best used. Thank you for the DELICIOUS hint!


Brett- as the smell of browned butter fills my ears (I was reading aloud)I spotted the challenge. "You need a simple pie crust? Ask someone else." I could SO teach you to make that simple pie crust in non-pastry chef mode! Fool-proof and perfect for savory tourtes as well. Maybe when the pig parts are cooling, I'll give it a try. In the meantime, I've just added this delicious torte to my emergency dessert list- thanks!


Brett, it's barely 8 am, but I'm drooling. Hazelnuts, brown butter, vanilla bean? Oh, how I'd like to stay home from work and cozy up to the oven...


Oh, yum... hazelnuts are one of my favorite nuts. I usually eat them straight out of the bag, and don't even get to the part of making anything with them, but for THIS recipe...


Other than birthday cake out of the box, I pretty much never cook pastries, but wow, I think I have to make an exception for this. Sounds like the ultimate descriptor for beautiful rich Montrachet drinking in its prime.


hmmm... i don't have a goin book yet, but in the last year i've read so many good things about her... perhaps i should give her recipes a try. that cake looks and sounds reaaally goooood.


Sam, clearly you have your priorities all out of line. You've got to plan your time off around these food events. ;-)

Melissa, it certainly was tasty. If I recall correctly, you made a similar sort of dessert a while back with pistachios that had me drooling. So I guess turnabout is fair play. (Which gets me thinking, you could probably make this recipe with any kind of nut. Why not pistachio?).

Fatemeh, is that platinum in my fillings?

Amy, I can use all the pastry chef cred I can get. I know what I like and I have many ideas, I just don't always have an audience of people to make desserts for. So I have to thank you all for giving me an excuse to make something sweet.

Shuna, ha, did you really buy her book the very next day? I must have done a decent job after all! Thanks for clearing up my confusion about tortes and cakes. I must've been dozing off in that class.

Kate, I'm game. Teach me how to make a simple pie crust your way (via your blog)! I'll follow your instructions and report back via my blog. There's some great potential for online classes using our blogs, isn't there? A whole world of possibilities.

Molly, I can't think of a better reason to call in "sick."

Jen, since I brought back hazelnuts from my trip to Spain, I've been using them often, especially on salads and fish dishes. But I must admit I have eaten most of them toasted in the oven and tossed with a little sea salt. Delicious.

Johng, I'll drink to that. If you provide the Montrachet, that is. Or perhaps a Meursault. Although, to be honest, I'd go with something sweeter. Sauternes anyone?

Stef, thanks for stopping by. The cake was tasty and surprisingly simple. Give it a go.


That's a great photo of two of my favorite things, butter and hazelnuts. Sounds divine. I will try to make it for a dinner party next week.


Oh no Brett, this looks/sounds really really good!


Hi ,

I accidently came across your blog and found it very interesting . Keep up the good work !!!!


OMG this cake looks so good! I must try it soon! But how much flour should I use? :)


I changed the recipe so that you can read it easily on all browsers.


Rachel told me about this cake and I remember nothing else of our conversation--blah, blah, HAZELNUT BROWN BUTTER CAKE, blah--I *must* make it this weekend. In fact, since this is the second recipe I will make from that book, and I have a Two Recipe and I Buy It rule, I've also ordered the cookbook. I can't wait!

Patrick (Arcata, CA)

Sunday Suppers is also my new fav. cookbook
along withe the Silver Spoon cookbook)..

Made this cake this weekend with changes:
1. Left out the flour AND the cream completely.
2. Served it with Strauss Coffee ice cream.

Mindblowing. Sometimes experimenting pays off and in this case paid off big time. WOW!

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this looks so good. Is there other nuts that you can use.

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